Beta Xi Chapter at Michigan Technological University

Alpha Sigma Tau

Recruitment Requirements

The requirements to become a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau include:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher; incoming freshmen must have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher. 
  • Attend Formal Sorority Recruitment (FSR) OR recruitment events.
  • Be willing to uphold our values of intellect, excellence, graciousness, respect, and connections.

Responsibilities of members include:

  • Attending required meetings/events.
  • Completion of the New Member Program. 
  • Maintain the required GPA.
  • Fulfill national and collegiate financial responsibilities.
  • Exhibit behavior becoming of an AST sister. 

FAQ - Formal Sorority Recruitment (FSR)

Q: What is FSR?

A: FSR is a multiple day event you can sign up for if you want to join a sorority during a fall semester at MTU. During FSR you will meet every sorority on campus, which will give you a chance to find your perfect fit. 

Q: How does FSR work?

A: After signing up for FSR there will be one large informational meeting on what will be expected, a timeline of events, and you will be assigned to a group of girls also going through FSR as well as a Rho Gamma (an unbiased greek guide). The first events you will attend will be held on campus where you will go with your group to each sorority and do an activity with them to get to know the sisters and their organization. The next events will be more selective where you will go to the houses of the organizations you are more interested in. At the houses, you will do more activities with the sisters. The final event you will go to is called Preference Parties, which is by invite only. After this, you will choose your top two organizations you would like to become a part of. The Panhellenic Council then matches you to a sorority (Bid matching). Next comes Bid Day! This is where it is revealed what organization you have been accepted into. At this point, you can accept or decline your bid as well. 

Q: How do I sign up for FSR?

A: You can sign up at tables run by the Panhellenic Council. These tables will be placed outside of dorm cafeterias, some buildings on campus, and at K-Day. 

Q: What is a Rho Gamma?

A: A Rho Gamma is an unbiased greek representative who will guide you through FSR. They are there to help you and answer your questions in an unbiased manner. At the end of FSR which sorority they belong to is revealed. 

Q: What is a Preference Party?

A: A Preference Party (Pref) is where a sorority gives you an invitation to come to their house for a semi-formal event. Generally, at these events, you learn even more about the sorority including dues, rules on living arrangements, and their new member process. 

Q: What is Bid Matching? 

A: This is a process where the sorority chooses girls in priority order. From that list the Panhellenic Council then cross matches the sororities list to your top two houses. 

Q: What happens if I accept my bid?

A: If you accept your bid you will then join your respective sorority for after celebrations, and to find out more about the next step in your journey. 

Q: What happens if I decline my bid?

A: If you decline your bid you will have to wait one year before starting the recruitment process again. This means you can go through FSR again or you can wait until the spring to start going through open recruitment in the spring.


Informal Sorority Recruitment

This process takes place after FSR in the spring semester. This is when sororities have recruitment events. Each sorority plans its own recruitment events. These events can take place on or off-campus, any day, or any time (generally late afternoon/evening). The activities at these events can be anything from arts and crafts to hiking a trail. Like FSR, the sorority will have a Preference Party, which is by invite only. Generally, a few hours after the preference party, bids are handed out and you will begin your journey.

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