Beta Xi Chapter at Michigan Technological University

Alpha Sigma Tau

For Parents

Here are a few quick tips by students for parents/family members with students interested in joining the Greek community:

1.  Be supportive and learn as much as you can about Greek Life as well as asking questions of your student as he or she meets members in fraternities and sororities.

2. Encourage your student to attend as many campus events or recruitment events as possible during the semester.  The more events your student attends the more informed he or she will be about the Greek Community as well as individual chapters.

3. Try not to become too involved in the recruitment process – remember that this is your student’s decision.  Too often family members do not allow their students to “fight their own battles.”  It helps the student to mature and gain some assertiveness when they are allowed to find information out for themselves.

4. Talk to your student about financial obligations.  Determine who will pay for what and where the limits are.

5. Be open-minded! Greek life is different on every campus and can change drastically on campus over time as well. Try to let go of any stereotypes you might have seen or past experiences you might have had. You must trust that your student is capable of making this important decision.

6. Just because you may have been Greek in college doesn't mean that it is the right choice for your student, or that your organization is the best for them.

7. Keep the Student Activities contact information on hand if you have any questions or concerns about Greek Life at Michigan Tech.


Greek Life Myths: Debunked

Myth: Joining a Greek organization will affect my student's academic pursuits. 

Truth: Yes – but in a positive way! 

Fraternities and sororities serve as a great resource for your student academically.  Every department on campus is represented in the Greek community, and many “older” members of the community are more than willing to share their knowledge of courses and even tutor others.  Most chapters require a high-grade point average for initial membership into the organization and continue to have high academic expectations for their members. The minimum acceptable cumulative GPA of any organization as a whole is a 2.50, and many hold themselves to higher standards.

source: MTU Greek Life

Many parents and students worry about grades especially during the new member process. Though the new member process may seem like extra work, active members go to the same events you do! With the extra time commitment of joining Greek life comes the responsibility to learn time management. In order to help new members and active members alike, we have a sister in charge of academics who can help you learn time management and help you find the resources you need to succeed academically.

Myth: You pay for your friends and dues are too expensive.

Truth: When joining a Greek organization, dues are a big concern. First dues in Greek organizations, like with many clubs and sports, go to the upkeep of the organization. A small portion of your dues will go to a national fee that goes towards paying a few hired members of national staff (most national staff are volunteers but we do have some staff that helps us run the entire organization as a whole). National dues also go to such things as the sorority magazine and our educational consultants who travel from chapter to chapter to help each chapter grow. Local chapter dues go to such things as insurance for their house, supplies for varying events, and intramural sports. Most of the money paid towards dues a member will see again through the events hosted by the chapter. 

Dues are the same for each member, however, some women may not have the same income. Paying dues is a requirement but you can get help paying dues. Our national organization offers scholarships to women who exemplify the values of Alpha Sigma Tau. Locally, some alumnae will offer help paying dues for a member in need. Also to help alleviate paying dues all at once, payment plans can be made to pay dues over the course of the semester. 

Myth: All Greek organizations haze.

Truth: At Michigan Tech and in Alpha Sigma Tau, hazing is not tolerated. This is the case for most schools and organizations. Unfortunately, some organizations still think this is an okay thing to do, and this is what gets the attention of many people, especially with parents whose children might go Greek. At Alpha Sigma Tau, we take the zero-tolerance policy for hazing very seriously. We do not believe in the physical or psychological harm to our members. All active members are required to do the same activities as our new members, so no one feels singled out. We also ensure that our new members feel comfortable throughout the whole process. In order to allow new members to feel comfortable, we encourage them to talk to their big sister or new member advisor if there is something they do not feel comfortable with. We will make arrangements necessary so each new member will have a good experience. If you have further questions on our new member process do not hesitate to contact us! 

Myth: Sororities and Fraternities only exist to party.

Truth: Greek organizations may have social events from time to time, however, most of what we do is study, philanthropy, and participate in membership events. As members of a Greek organization, we are expected to be well-rounded individuals. This means we are able to socalize, maintain high academic standards, be an active member of our community, and be leaders. 

Myth: Sororities and Fraternities abuse drugs and alcohol.

Truth: The use of illegal drugs is prohibited by our organization and campus. Illegal substances are not allowed on our property and immediate action is taken if found. For alcohol, we again follow campus policies. Sisters 21+ are allowed to drink responsibly on their own time outside of our house. We also have zero tolerance for any member being forced to partake in illegal substances or drinking. Showing up to a sorority event under the influence is also not allowed. 

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